11 Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks When Consumed in Excessive

Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks on Health – Who wouldn’t like soft drinks? That too, when you are thirsty, and you find a soft drink bottle right in front of you, how tempting would it be?

Soft drinks are also called cool drinks, soda, pop, fizzy pop, soda pop, cold drinks, and sugary drinks due to the drink’s high sugar content. These drinks are trendy, tasty, and are also sometimes addictive.

Soft drink is non-alcoholic; that is where it got its name from, “soft drink” contrasts to “hard drink.” Everybody would feel delighted to drink it, but did you know that it is harmful in specific ways? It can also lead to serious issues in our bodies. It is not that you should avoid them, but you can drink them in moderation. Here are some of the harmful effects of soft drinks on health and overall wellness.

effects of soft drinks
Harmful Effects on Soft Drinks on Health

#1 They do not fill your stomach but give you a quick weight gain

Soft drinks generally contain more sugar and gas. These two play significant roles in weight gain, while some other ingredients contribute to weight gain. Sugar causes weight gain is a fact. That happens more quickly when you consume it in a liquid form.

Studies state that people who consume soft drinks with their usual diet consume 22% more calories than people with a regular diet. Another study by the Obesity Society says that children consuming soft drinks are linked to a 60% increase in obesity. These drinks do not fill your stomach as solid food does, which makes a good point for limiting soft drinks consumption.

#2 May cause insulin resistance

Insulin helps you be active all day long. It plays a major role in converting your food into energy, but something happens when you consume soft drinks. Insulin takes glucose to the cells, but when one consumes soft drinks, the cells become less sensitive or resistant to the effects of insulin. When this happens, your pancreas tends to produce more amount of insulin. So, there is a high amount of insulin in your blood. This reaction is known as insulin resistance, and a study by the Journal of Nutrition proves that.

The more the number of soft drinks, the more the amount of insulin produced. This leads to a change in reaction in the whole body. It might end up in other hormonal imbalances also.

#3 Increases risk of diabetes and other disorders

Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases worldwide. Cold drinks play a major role in contributing to it. The insulin resistance explained above is likely to end up in diabetes in the worst cases.

A study by the Journal of the Endocrine Society shows that five in ten people who consume one can of soft drink per day be affected by type 2 diabetes. It happens because the pancreas will not be able to cope with the body’s need to produce needful insulin. This habit of consuming sugary drinks every day might also cause diabetes in children. It may end up being adverse that will make the kid an insulin-dependent. So, you should keep your children away from such practices.

#4 Puts you at risk of heart disease

Other diseases and disorders caused due to soft drink consumption, such as diabetes, obesity, and insulin resistance, are reversible or manageable to some extent. But these cold drinks do not just stop with that. They affect your heart and cause cardiovascular diseases. People who consume soft drinks regularly have a 35% chance of getting a heart attack.

These soft drinks are not at all healthy. They do not contain Fibre, Minerals, or Vitamins and, instead, provide our bodies with extra sugar and unwanted calories. When there is too much sugar from these unhealthy sources, there are more chances of providing healthy food to your body. This is where the imbalance in your lipids occurs. They cause heart problems.

#5 Causes Cavity and teeth erosion

The amount of acid contained in soft drinks is enough to wear away the dental layer. The sugar in the soft drinks becomes an acid when it meets the bacteria in your mouth. This acid causes the tooth cavity and erosion which ultimately, weakens the teeth. Children are the most affected ones in this case.

If you think, diet drink does not harm your teeth; the answer is no. When you drink a diet drink, the damage caused to your teeth is the same as consuming the usual soft drinks. Apart from the sugar, sodas also contain citric acid and phosphoric acid as preservatives. So, it is better to brush your teeth or gargle after the consumption of soft drinks.

#6 Leads to Osteoporosis

Do you think you have healthy bones? After regular consumption of soft drinks, you won’t have healthy bones. Phosphoric acid is the reason behind the tangy flavors in soft drinks. It induces the growth of bacteria and microorganisms in our body, especially in a sugar-rich environment. It affects the calcium’s existence and absorbs minerals in our body, which will lead to low bone mineral density, causing osteoporosis. Possibly, smaller bones, less physical activity, and hormonal changes put people more at risk.

#7 Packaging may lead to cancer

It is one of the worst effects of soft drinks on humans. Cancer is caused due to different reasons. There is no wonder one soft drink has various reasons for the same disease. First of all, the containers matter. Plastic and tin cans used for soft drinks packaging are layered with bisphenol A (BPA) and carcinogen. They are well known for disrupting hormones. They also play a significant role in raising blood pressure. The colored drinks react to form benzene, which is again a carcinogen. They cause blood cancer and even damage the bone marrow cells.

#8 Can cause sleep disturbances

The soft drinks you consume contains caffeine. It is okay to have them when you need to be awake. But when you consume soft drinks regularly, it will affect your sleep cycle. Indeed, it has chances of ending up in insomnia and nightmares. You do not get to sleep because of the production of adrenaline in your body caused by caffeine. That interrupts your sleep and digestion, ending up in chains of problems.

#9 It dehydrates you more

Caffeine is a diuretic. It promotes the production of urine, which makes you urinate more and more frequently than usual. This will make you tired and feel unhealthier.  When the body’s cells dehydrate, they do not absorb many nutrients. It also makes it more difficult for the body to eliminate proper waste.

#10 Affects Blood Supply

As said earlier, soft drinks contribute nothing towards the healthy part of your body.  As it affects every part of your body, it also includes the blood. Consumption of soft drinks causes a rupture in blood vessels. These blood vessels are highly responsible for blood circulation and contribute to the blood supply to the brain. When soft drinks are consumed, these blood vessels are either damaged or frozen. So, the blood supply is also blocked. This results in stroke and a reduction in hemoglobin. Finally, the blood supply is damaged.

#11 Works as a slow poison

If you manage to drink 6 liters of soft drink in a day, you might die. It contains nothing other than excessive sugar, sweetener, added colors, and preservatives. It starts in an issue and goes on, leading to various issues. These soft drinks are used effectively to clean toilets in different parts of the world. That much stronger they are.

A cold drink is the sweetest slow poison that a person consumes with a lot of happiness. Often, they are wrongly promoted and mistakenly consumed. They can be consumed once in a while, but it is a bad idea when you get tempted regularly.

Effective ways to help you stop Soft Drinks Craving

Don’t think it is too late when you realize you are already addicted to soft drinks. No time is too late to come out of any bad habit. Here are some ways to help you quit the habit of consuming soft drinks.

  • Reduce the intake little by little. There is a lot of self-control and patience involved in this process. You have to run a long way distracting yourself when you enter into the thought of consuming soft drinks.
  • Look at the drink’s label, know the contents, and its effects on your health. When you are aware of what you punt into your body, you will be more cautious. You would start keeping yourself away from the concern of your health and its wellness.
  • Know why you crave soft drinks. It might be the sweet taste, for some of it might be the fizz in our stomach. Know the reason and find the alternatives.
  • Replace soft drinks with something tastier and healthier at the same time to keep yourself from missing the soft drinks.
  • Add more lemon to your diet. Lemon is good at reducing any cravings. So, start including lemon in your diet. Drink water with a small portion of lemon added to it. Which also increases good effects on your health.

We live in a world where we must consume anything with full knowledge of what it is, what it contains, and its effects on a person’s body. In such a place, we must not consume something which affects our health and has a greater impact after knowing the facts. The effects of soft drinks on health are dangerous. If you are a consumer of soft drinks, start reducing it little by little. There are a lot of healthy beverages in this world that are tastier and healthier than cold drinks.

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