5 Online Games that Make You More Creative and Brainy

Video games have had their fair share of the infamous reputation of making gamers violent and stressed, spending too much time and money, and what not!

Even if online games are not educational, they still require skills to overcome each level and reach the goal. We have compiled a list of the best creative and brainy online games that will challenge you and keep you engaged.

#1 Sudoku


Sudoku is a logic-based number puzzle and has a history associated with Switzerland and Japan. Although the general Sudoku makes you think of numbers, it is not considered a math-based puzzle. One doesn’t need to be an expert in logic or numbers to play or even crack a Sudoku puzzle.

One of the most interesting things about a Sudoku puzzle is that there are so many Sudoku puzzles, you cannot possibly complete all in your lifetime. If you are looking for online games for brainpower, try online Sudoku.


  • Sudoku improves your logical reasoning
  • Enhances the ability to think critically
  • You will be able to concentrate more
  • Reduces your tendency to overthink

How to play?

Every Sudoku has a 9×9 grid. The player aims to fill every row, column, and 3×3 region with numbers from 1 to 9, without repeating any number in the row, column, and on the 3×3 grid.

#2 Mahjong Solitaire

online games that make you more creative and brainy

Mahjong games are pretty popular in western and Asian countries. Unlike the Asian version, which requires four players, the western one can be played only by one person. Mahjong is fun and easy, but to master it, you will need experience, concentration, and a lot of practice.


  • Mahjong Solitaire sharpens your memory
  • Exercises your concentration
  • Highly therapeutic
  • Contributes to cognitive development

How to play?

The object of mahjong solitaire is to clear the tiles by matching a pair of tiles together. The two tiles must be matching and free, as in all sides of the tiles must be uncovered from other tiles.

A basic move can clear one pair of tiles at a time from a total of 72 pairs.

#3 Chess

chess online game

Many people think of chess as being a game for those with talent. Anyone can participate in this indoor game, however. Moreover, anyone of any age can play it. In an ideal chess match, two players would sit next to each other, one controlling the black pieces, the other controlling the white pieces.


  • Helps to improve IQ
  • An exercise for the brain
  • Aids in focusing
  • Maintains a calm state of mind
  • Enhances planning and foresight abilities

How to play?

You can choose to play with the AI or connect with a remote online player to play chess online. A game of chess requires each player to make a move when it is their chance, and they cannot skip it. Each different piece of chess has its characteristic movements, which you are bound by rules to make them move, complying with those movements. Chess is one of the best online games for creative practice.

#4 Minecraft


Minecraft is a game that makes everyone happy – from children to adults to old-aged people. Minecraft offers a world of exploration without limits. Perhaps it is because it allows you to bring your imagination and creativity to the table. As there is no storyline, the player is free to build a whole world by themselves.


  • Improves the ability to solve problems
  • Helps kids manage their resources
  • Contributes to improving teamwork
  • Enhances kids’ self-confidence
  • Promotes engagement with the community

How to play?

The best way to start playing Minecraft is perhaps to explore without any guide. There are different modes in the game which are quite different from each other. The game modes are Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, Hardcore.

#5 Crosswords

daily crosswords

It’s no surprise that the majority of people think of crossword puzzles when you say word games or puzzles. Originally, this game came from England and was often played by children. In the United States, it developed, and adults displayed a great deal of enthusiasm when playing.

Solitaire, a free gaming website offers a Daily Crossword Puzzle game, where they post new crosswords every day. Also, you can play up to 6 months back, and, if you enjoy the old-fashioned way of playing, you can print today’s puzzle directly on the welcome screen.


  • Builds vocabulary
  • A perfect way to learn about new words, especially when playing with someone else who enjoys it.
  • Enhances social bonding
  • Maintains a healthy mood and reduces stress

How to play?

The crossword puzzles often come in shapes of square or rectangle. There are white and black parts to the puzzle. The black parts/blocks are to separate words on the puzzle. Some white boxes have numbers written on them. These numbers refer to questions or hints that you will use to solve the whole puzzle. The answers interlock with one another. For this reason, some answers get solved automatically, or you will solve half of the answers just by answering other questions correctly.

Memory-boosting online games like Crossword are among the best.


All the games on this list, especially the crossword puzzle, will always keep you entertained. All of these free creative online games help you face a unique challenge, with an endless variety of options sure to make you more advanced as you practice.

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