15 Effective Speed Dating Tips for Everyone that Work

Are you looking for some practical speed dating tips for men and women that actually work?

These days, finding a perfect match has become an arduous task. Most people out there are searching for an ideal partner for themselves to spend the rest of their lives.

As the name suggests, speed dating is a dating session that requires a negligible amount of time and is fun.

This article will discuss how speed dating work and what you should expect from such speed dating sessions and your approach for a speed date.

speed dating tips for men and women

What is speed dating?

Speed dating goes by with its name. It is organizing of date, which requires a negligible amount of time. It is basically a social gathering of singles who are in search of a partner for themselves.

In speed dating, you will, first of all, be required to sign up for the event. Various organizations conduct such speed dating sessions. You will have to reach out to such organizations and sign up for the event. Then you will be given or assigned a number or a tag.

Usually, speed dates take place in a restaurant, pub, cafe and similar places. A paper and a pen will be provided to write about your experience. Apart from yourself, there will be others as well who have come for the same purpose. If you are a woman who has come in search of a male partner, you will sign up, and there will be other women who have come in search of their counterparts. So, there will be an equal number of male potentials too. There can also be one member and many opposite prospects depending on the organization.

After you have seated, you all will be given 3-8 minutes, depending upon the organization. In this period, you will have a date with one potential counterpart. According to a study conducted by Stanford University, a four-minute date has the potential to make two people click and form a meaningful relationship.

After the completion of time, a bell will ring, and everyone will require to exchange seats, which will go on until everyone has been on a date with every other member. You will, of course, get a break from your schedule.

After the event, if you like someone, tell about it to the organization, and if the same response has come from the other side as well, you both can exchange your numbers. This way, you also will not have to go through the phase in which you’ll have to say yes or no to the face of your partner. This is basically a wider picture of what is called speed dating.

How does it work?

The psychological aspect behind speed dating is you know if there is a chance and understand it within a few seconds of the meeting, so why to waste so much time. Speed dating has been introduced to match it with our fast-paced life. No one wants to waste months in trial or to know whether there is a potential or not.

Not only time, but you somehow get emotionally attached to that person who may or may not be compatible with you.

Apart from that, speed dating is also beneficial than online dates that you get through dating apps. Since online dating is virtual, even when you video call, you do not know the person’s actual vibes in front of you. When you meet someone in person, you get to observe the individual’s actual characteristics. You get to see the instant response, posture, gesture, way, tone of speaking, and overall attitude.

Also, in online dating, some people are just there to kill their time, but in speed dating, people only register themselves to find a partner, so you know it’s no waste of time. That is why such dating methods are increasing. A certain number of companies have been established, especially in the US and UK, which regularly organize such events.

Speed Dating Tips for Men and Women

Here are some tips to follow if you are going on a speed dating event.

speed dating tips

Seem approachable

You should always seem affable. You shouldn’t come out as a grumpy person who has been forced to come to the event. At the same time, you should not seem desperate. There is a thin line between the two. It should all fit positively. Always approach a smile, a good, from the heart smile, and not the one-sided crooked one. A genuine bright smile can make a good first impression.

Make eye contact

Good genuine eye contact can do so much better. When you give positive eye contact, it gives a sign that you are eager to make or start a conversation with the person in front. The eye contact should be genuine, or else it may seem creepy, so do not stare but make lovely eye contact. So always make eye contact when you are about to meet the person.

Indulge in some form of physical contact

In this context, physical contact refers to a friendly handshake or a hug. Of course, it depends on the person in front, so it will be better for you to ask first. For example, you can ask, ‘Would you like a hug or a handshake?’ This way, you would not seem desperate, and the person in front of you would also not feel uncomfortable. If they are a no-touchy person, they would straightaway say no, and this way, nothing would seem awkward. But majorly, it is the right approach.

Be clear about what you want

You should be aware of the qualities you are looking for in your future partner and let your date know about them. Also, you need to know what they are looking for in a partner as well.

Make each other laugh

Everyone’s best time is when they laugh genuinely, and if the reason is you, you are for sure to give a good impression. No one has ever said that they did not like the person because that person made them laugh.

Do not go overboard

Whether it is a smile, laugh, or a joke, do not overdo it. You want to do things but subtly, or else it will start to seem awkward.

Give compliments

Who does not love compliments and a good compliment will leave an excellent first impression, be it a man or a woman, everyone should compliment each other. It will boost the other person’s confidence and is one of the best speed dating tips that work for anyone.

Compliments should be classy and not seem cheap. Any compliments on physical aspects are cliché now. A genuine compliment, for example, on a smile, or anything else, will do great.

Dress appropriately

Dressing decides your first impression. The way you dress reflects your personality, so ensure you wear something that speaks volumes about you.

Do not bore the opposite person

You have got a few minutes, let yourself use all those few minutes and not let each other get bored. Ask questions as it will keep the conversation going on, and there will be no awkward moments to go through.

Do not get too intoxicated

You want to be sober because that is how you really are, and you want to show your real self.

Do not talk about too heavy stuff

Talk about something light-hearted. No one wants to go home thinking about the dark reality.

Avoid bragging

Do not brag about yourself, your job, the amount of money you make. Do not be vainglorious.

Let them talk too

Let your partner talk about their side of the story. No one likes someone who does not let the other person talk. Give each other some space to put forth their opinions.


Be relaxed but prepared. Take a few deep breaths if you want. You may not want to come off as underconfident and fail to make the impression you want.

Questions to Ask on a Speed Date

This is a question that pops up first in the mind when we think about conversations on a speed date. Because there is a fragile line difference between asking questions and being interrogative and personal. You want to ask just the apt questions that will keep the conversation alive. Here are some examples:

  • Introductory questions like whereabouts, birthplace, job, family, and basic things to get started.
  • Who is your role model?
  • Who do you admire the most in your life?
  • Favorite movies, books, songs, singers, actors, etc.
  • What are all places you have been to?
  • Do you enjoy traveling?
  • What are you looking for in your partner?
  • What made you bring yourself here?
  • School life college life.
  • Favorite food or restaurants or clubs.
  • Hidden talents.
  • Favorite TV Show.
  • Favorite holiday destination

This was to give you an idea about the questions.

What to wear and avoid?

As discussed before, the kind of dress you wear will decide the first impression you will make. Also, the type of clothing you wear reflects a lot about your personality.

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and light and not something that becomes a medium of distraction. You do not want to wear something which will make you always check your dress. Something like a good top, a shirt with a good pair of trousers or a skirt will do great. Also, a beautiful decent dress will do wonders.

You do not want to be uncomfortable in some tight body-hugging dress or any dress that makes you uneasy, but being comfortable does not mean that you wear something floppy. You want to appear decent and friendly and not uncomfortable or desperate.

Tips for First-timers

Those who are first-timers in speed dating will be a bit nervous for them, but you should not let that nervousness overpower you. Do not feel embarrassed because everyone here has come for the same reason as you have.

  • Since you are a first-timer, it will be useful for you to be prepared with a list of questions and the things you want to talk about
  • Avoid the awkward silence
  • Keep an eye on the time, but do not let this distract you
  • Dress accordingly and decently
  • Be ready to handle rejection
  • Say no to something you don’t want
  • Ask for a number if you two click
  • Enjoy the process and dive in to see what happens

Overall, you are there for an experience, and you should see your first time as an experience itself. Do not pressurize yourself and relax but be real.

The takeaway

It has become challenging to find someone whose vibes match with yours and understands your likes and dislikes. Different ways are here to get you a perfect match to overcome this problem, be it arranged one or online dating applications with different themes or speed dating. Love is unique, after all, and everyone has their own version of the story. Try the speed dating tips, and hopefully, you may also get a good time out of it.

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