40+ Vibrant White Dog Names

Today, we will list some best white dog names with meanings that will help you decide on a perfectly suitable yet elegant name for your new pooch.

Let’s discover what names you can give for your new white dog.

Have you got a new white dog puppy?

No matter whether it’s white like snow or off-white, we will see names that suit all the different breeds and color shades of white.

So, the first thing you need to understand is how to choose your dog’s name.

Here are some criteria that you need to keep in mind while choosing your white dog’s name.

  1. What is the color of your dog?

This is a very important point, if your dog is a mix of white and some other color shades, like black or brown, and you name it Snowy, it won’t do justice to the name and the dog, both.

So make sure that the name does justice to the color of the dog.

  1. What is the gender of the dog?

This is also a big important question that you need to ask before deciding on a name for your white dog. You should not give a male name to a female dog or vice versa as it can confuse your friends and relatives about the gender of the dog.

  1. What is the breed of the dog?

This is also an important question as some names suit a particular breed better, like the name snowy suits a small, cute, full white breed like Bichon Frise.

Alright, now when you are aware of the criterion to choose the perfect name for your white dog, let’s begin with the list of names for white dogs.

So, we will start with the list of names for female white dogs.

List of Female White Dog Names

  • Ivory: Ivory stands for the color of ivory that is the tusk or teeth of animals like an elephant. This name is a perfect fit for female white dogs that have off white coat color.
  • Artemis: Artemis is the name of the Greek goddess of the moon. Is your dog female, white with very little spots on it, and has phases of behavior like the moon? Artemis it is then. Also, it adds an elegant touch to the name as it sounds exotic.
  • Snowflake: Snowflake means the small flake of snow, which melts with your touch. It is one of the perfect white dog names for a small cute white female dog.
  • Vanilla: Vanilla stands for vanilla ice cream. It’s a sweet, simple yet “cool” name for your female white dog.
  • Yogurt: Another dessert name is on the house for you. Yogurt is white, sweet, and sour all at the same time. What a crazy combination. Is your dog a silly combination like this? Yogurt is the perfect imperfect name for it.
  • Swan: Now it doesn’t get classier than this. Is your female dog elegant, with a long neck and with lean physic like the bird swan? Swan is a great name that shows and does all the justice to your dog’s features.
  • Daisy: Daisy, as in Daisy duck, can be a great name if your dog is white, female, and can’t stop making noise. It’s a perfect name for a medium-sized breed with some sassy-ness to her attitude.
  • Bella: Bella means beautiful in Greek. This is a common and cute name for a female dog.
  • Bianca: Bianca means white in Italian. Also, it’s a short name to remember for you as well as the dog.
  • Misty: is your female dog not perfectly white but a little bit of mixed shades of the coat? Misty is a great name for such breeds. It is simple, cute, and does justice to the color of the coat too.
White Dog Names
Female White Dog Names
  • Pearl: Pearl as in the precious stone pearl. It’s a perfect name for a small breed with off white color skin coat.
  • Luna: Luna is derived from the word lunar, which means moon. It’s a short, simple, and cute name for your female white dog.
  • Yuki: Yuki means snow in Japanese. It’s an exotic, cool, and short name. Also, when you tell the origin story of your dog’s name, you are bound to score some coolness points.
  • Sparkle: Sparkle is a cute, simple, yet different name. Sparkle means to shine. This name is perfect for a short breed of white female dog.
  • Iris: Iris is the name of a nebula. Also, Iris is a type of flower which is white in color. It’s a cool and classic name for a female white dog.
  • Buttercup: It’s a cheesy name, agreed but being different is the new regular today. So don’t be afraid to try something funky. Buttercup is a name that shows how much you love your dog. It’s a perfect name for a whitish-yellow color dog.
  • Cheesecake: It is a “sweet” name. Jokes aside, but cheesecake is a new modern name for a white dog—cheesecake is sweet, fluffy, and white in color.
  • Angel: Angel is a classic name for your female dog. Usually, angels have white feathers and are also known as guardian angels. SO if your white dog is too much caring and protective about you, honor her with the name Angel.
  • Snow White: Snow white is a name inspired by the fairy tale snow white and the 7 dwarfs. It’s a cute name for your female dog. But make sure your dog has the coat color like snow white.
  • Blanca: Blanca means white in Spanish. It is a great exotic name for your female white dog. Blanca means white or shining even in Italian. So if you want some international touch for your dog’s name, it doesn’t get better than the name Blanca.

These were some of the names for your white female dogs with different sizes and different breeds, and different shades of white.

Now we will look at some names for male white dogs.

List of Male White Dog Names

  • Snowy: Remember the white dog from the adventures of Tintin? It was called Snowy. It’s a great name for your dog if it’s white like snow and is cool.
  • Casper: Another cartoon-inspired name, remember “Casper the ghost”? Not only was the ghost white, but it was also the cutest ghost “alive.”
  • Sirius: It’s a small but cute dog name for your dog. Remember the Dog Star in the sky? Its real name is Sirius.
  • Titus: IS your dog furious when someone unknown tries to enter your compound? Is he too protective of you and your house? Titus is the name you need to give him. Titus means defender, and that’s what he is. It’s a great name for a dog that is of a tall or big size breed.
  • Adonis: Adonis means “LORD” in Greek. It’s a perfect name for a breed that is exotic, huge, rare, and white.
  • Cloudy: Cloudy, as in for cloud, is a perfect name for dogs that a bit fluffy. It’s a great name for a Pomeranian male dog.
  • Bolt: Do you remember the cartoon character Bolt? It’s a dog that believes it can do anything and is on its own mission. Is your dog like him? Adventurous, always sufficient to contain his excitement and trying different things? Bolt it is.
  • Alaska: Alaska is a great name for pure white dogs like a husky or some other breed that look like they can be found in Alaska. If you didn’t know, Alaska is a very snowy region.
  • Snowball: Snowball is a perfect name for a small white dog breed, which you just want to hug and cuddle with when you see it.
  • Tofu: Tofu is a type of cheese that is made from soya milk. Are you a vegan and want to give a unique name that is small yet “cheesy” for your dog? Don’t think twice. Tofu is a great name for your white, small cute pooch.
White Dog Names
Male White Dog Names
  • Polar bear: It’s a great name for a male white dog of a giant breed that is bigger in size and has a snowy colored coat. If your dog is white and is of huge size and likes to eat and sleep all day, Polar bear it is.
  • Bernard: Bernard is a German name that means courageous or hard working. If your dog has these qualities and more if your dog is of the breed Saint Bernard, it’s a perfect fit for your dog.
  • Snoopy: Snoopy is also a name inspired by a cartoon movie, “The peanut movie.” So if you have a beagle and wish to name it something obvious yet classic, snoopy is a perfect match for it.
  • Puff: Puff is a short, sweet name for a short, sweet white dog, which is on the fluffy side of the spectrum.
  • Igloo: Igloo is a cute, goofy name for a white male dog. Igloo means the houses that are made of ice blocks.
  • Milky: Milky is a unique name for a white dog. This name can be used for males as well as a female white dog. It’s more of a gender-neutral name.
  • Moon: Are you an astronomy lover? Want to name your dog something inspired by astronomy? Moon is a great name for your dog.
  • Chanda or Chand: Depending on whether your dog is a male or female, you can name it either Chand or Chanda, both meaning moon in Hindi.
  • Nova: inspired by Supernova, Nova is a great name for your dog. It makes it sound like a superhero of the future or the warrior of the past, depending on how it’s looked at.
  • Unicorn: It’s a mystical name that is very rare and suitable for a dog that can run like the wind. Your dog should do justice to this name, hence if your dog is big, is fast, and of white color, you have checked or the tick boxes for it to qualify to be called a “Unicorn.” And of course, you can attach a unicorn filter on Snapchat to his photo to make it more than official for the world to call him “Unicorn.”

Bottom Line

These were some of the top names for white dogs. I hope you find the best match for your dog. And remember the criterion we discussed above. Follow them, and you won’t make any mistake in choosing the name for your white dog. Have we missed any white dog names on our list? Let us know in the comments below. We always like to listen to suggestions. We believe in the betterment of ourselves every day. Share this article with your friends and family.

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