200+ Harry Potter WiFi Names that are So Magnificent!

Harry Potter one of the best movie series that most of us have grown up watching. If you ask me personally which is the best movie series for me, then it would be none other than this classic. That’s why I pick Harry Potter WiFi names to keep for my router.

Harry Potter WiFi Names

You can’t forget the movie’s vibrant places, dialogues and characters very easily.

This British-American fantasy movie series authored by J. K. Rowling has been so popular that everyone can actually recognize it when they see something related to it at any place in the world.

So if you want to stand out in public and be remembered, here are some of the coolest and best WiFi names derived and inspired from the Harry Potter series.

We have brought in all these Harry Potter WiFi names together so that you can use them according to your choice and play with them around.

Harry Potter Router names

  1. The Floo Network
  2. Lumos
  3. Nox
  4. Accio Internet
  5. Potions Class
  6. Expecto Patronum
  7. Go away, you muggle
  8. Engorgio
  9. Lord Voldemodem
  10. Obliviate
  11. YerAWiFiHarry
  12. Locomotor Mortis
  13. Connecto Patronum
  14. Muffliato
  15. Alohomora
  16. Expelliarmus
  17. I am up 2 no good
  18. Stupefy
  19. Avada Kedavra
  20. Repello Muggletum
  21. Hogsmeade
  22. Incendio
  23. The True Owner of the Elder Wand
  24. Petrificus Totalus
  25. Wi-Fi Guardium Leviosa
  26. Prior Incantato
  27. Aparecium
  28. Silencio
  29. Hogwarts Great Hall Wi-Fi
  30. Mischief Managed!:
  31. The Black Link
  32. Magic is Might
  33. Room of Requirement
  34. I am Lord Voldemort
  35. Arresto Momentum
  36. Magical Me
  37. The Triwizard Internet
  38. Weasley is our King
  39. After all this time? Always
  40. Mischief is yet to manage

Harry Potter Network SSID

harry potter wifi names

  1. This is Wi-Fi
  2. Not my wifi you B**ch
  3. Hogwarts Wi-Fi
  4. Dumble Wi-Fi
  5. Prisoner of Internet
  6. Internet Potter
  7. Harry Potter and Wi-Fi
  8. No Draco it is my wifi not yours
  9. Have an internet Potter
  10. We’re not going to use wifi
  11. Wi-Fedilus
  12. Gryffindor Common room wifi
  13. No muggles
  14. Wi-Fi Always
  15. Let the wand choose it’s wifi
  16. Aberto
  17. Magical Wi-Fi
  18. It’s Wi-Fi not Whi-Fi
  19. Wifardium LeviOsa
  20. Chaos Internet
  21. Give her network from us, Peeves
  22. Wifulous Reparo
  23. All was wifi
  24. When in doubt, go to Wi-Fi
  25. Where your Wi-Fi, there will be me also
  26. Where your Wi-Fi, there will be me also
  27. Wow we are identical
  28. You are a Wizard Harry
  29. MalWi-Fi Draco MalWi-Fi
  30. Chamber of internet
  31. Hogsmeade
  32. Welcome to Azkaban
  33. The magic Internet
  34. Scars can come in Handy
  35. Descendo
  36. Erecto
  37. Harry’s Wi-Fi
  38. I solemnly swear
  39. Here lies Dobby! A free elf
  40. After all this time, Severus?

Best Harry Potter WiFi Names

best harry potter wifi names

  1. Society for the promotion of Elfish Welfare
  2. Free Sirius Black
  3. I must not tell lies
  4. Azkaban
  5. Wicked!
  6. Diagon Alley
  7. Borgin and Burkes
  8. Knockturn Alley
  9. A wizard wireless
  10. Number 4 Privet Drive
  11. The Sorcerer’s Stone
  12. Slytherin
  13. The Sorting Hat
  14. Death is but the next great adventure
  15. Give her hell from us, Peeves!
  16. Hail the dark lord
  17. Hufflepuff
  18. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
  19. Bottle Fame and Brew Glory
  20. Enemies of the Heir
  21. Gryffindor
  22. Dobby is free
  23. The Order of the Phoenix
  24. Number 93 Diagon Alley
  25. Death eaters
  26. Loony Lovegood’s wifi
  27. Raven claw
  28. The Deathly Hallows
  29. The Leaky Cauldron
  30. I’ve always wanted to use that spell
  31. Horcrux
  32. Crumble-Horned Snorkack
  33. The Restricted Section
  34. The Half-Blood Prince
  35. The boy who lived
  36. There are all kinds of courage
  37. Hairy Bot-ter
  38. The Wizarding World
  39. Beauxbatons Academy
  40. Winner of thew House Cup

Harry Potter WiFi Router Names

funny harry potter wifi names

  1. Hermione Granger
  2. Professor Albus Dumbledore
  3. Draco Malfoy
  4. Professor Severus Snape
  5. Ron Weasley
  6. Rubeus Hagrid
  7. Ginny Weasley
  8. Sirius Black
  9. Bellatrix Lestrange.
  10. Gellert Grindelwald
  11. Sorting Hat
  12. Luna Lovegood
  13. Nymphadora Tonks
  14. Neville Longbottom
  15. Professor Minerva McGonagall
  16. Remus Lupin
  17. Newt Scamander
  18. Nagini
  19. Dolores Umbridge
  20. Hedwig
  21. James Potter
  22. Lily Evans Potter
  23. Fleur Delacour
  24. Peter Pettigrew
  25. Argus Filch
  26. Alastor Moody
  27. Cho Chang
  28. Professor Filius Flitwick
  29. Sybill Trelawney
  30. Pansy Parkinson

Wi-Fi puns

  1. The mirror of erased
  2. Durmstrang Institute
  3. He who must not be named.
  4. Ilvermony
  5. The Dark Lord’s Return
  6. Slytherin Prince
  7. Muggle-Born Squib
  8. The Hogwart’s Express
  9. Keeper of the keys
  10. What is this muggle device?
  11. Cornish Pixes
  12. Quill not pen
  13. Bill Wi the Science Fi
  14. I must not tell lies
  15. Aloho Mora
  16. Accio Wi-fi
  17. Salazar
  18. The Whoomping Wi-Fi
  19. Anteoculatia
  20. The Triwizard Internet
  21. Evils Network
  22. Holy Shit
  23. Erecto
  24. Limited Section
  25. Door to hell
  26. Silencio
  27. Magicians Network.
  28. Mischief is yet to manage
  29. Winner of the house cup
  30. Wizarding World

Funny Harry Potter Wi-Fi names

  1. Chaos Resigned
  2. Until the very end
  3. Muffliato
  4. Turn to page 394
  5. I am not worried. I am with you
  6. It is not over
  7. Chamber of Secrets
  8. The Elder wifi
  9. The Three Broom sticks.
  10. Hagrid’s Wi-Fi Hut
  11. Ministry of Magic Secure Muggle Wi-Fi
  12. Wi-Fi that shall not be named
  13. The Burrow
  14. Hufflepuff common room
  15. Hogwarts School of Wi-Fi & Wizardry
  16. Alohomora crack the password
  17. Hogwarts School of free Wi-Fi.
  18. Expelliarmus Your Internet
  19. Let the wand choose it’s wizard
  20. Order of the Phoenix
  21. The Patronus Charm
  22. Harry Potter wifi zone
  23. Let’s Marry Harry
  24. Harry Potter is Alive
  25. Fan of Harry
  26. Women require for Harry Potter
  27. Who is Harry Potter?
  28. Do not enter!
  29. Capacious Extremis
  30. Password: Balderdash!

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will love these funny WiFi names suggested by us. If you got any funny names related to Harry Potter, leave a comment below. 🙂

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