135+ Korean Dog Names that are Popular and Trendy

A furry pet brings joy, excitement, and also stress to a family. The process of choosing a dog’s name isn’t easy; in fact, it is a huge responsibility. In the midst of all this dog craziness, Korean dog names are a hot trend because of their expressive and beautiful meanings.

korean dog names

The name you give your dog will live with it forever. The Korean names commonly consist of no more than two syllables, which meets all the requirements.

You will find as many names as in the Korean language, which will be short and cute. Buddhism and Taoism mostly influence the language, so most of the names reflect positive traits and characteristics.

Many of us think that learning Korean is hard. However, it has been scientifically proven that Korean is the easiest language to learn. Since you might not be familiar with the language, we are here to help you.

We will provide you with a wide variety of Korean names for your dog, allowing you to pick from several great options.

With their diversified meanings and characteristics, these names would be a great experience.

You can choose to use a single name or combine two names to create a new name with a unique meaning.

Here we go.

Amazing Korean Dog Names

  • Ae-Cha: A loving daughter.
  • Areum: Beauty in the Korean language. A beautiful female dog can have this cute name.
  • Bada: Sea or Ocean in the Korean language. This will be a significant name.
  • Bae: This means Inspiration. If your dog inspires you in any way, this is a perfect name.
  • Baram: A Korean word for Wind. If your dog is super fast at running, then this name is the best one.
  • Bitna: It means Shining in the Korean language.
  • Bomi: A term for Springtime.
  • Bo-mi: It is very different from Bomi. You need to stretch out the vowel ‘o.’ It means Pretty.
  • Bong-Cha: This name stands for the Ultimate girl.
  • Boram: It means worthy or valuable.
  • Byeol: It means Star.
  • Chin: It means Precious.
  • Chin-Sun: It means someone who can appreciate goodness and truthfulness.
  • Choon-Hee: Someone who is born in Spring.
  • Chun-Hei: Grace and justice.
  • Chung Cha: It means Noble.
  • Danbi: It means To welcome rain.
  • Dasom: It means Love.
  • Eui: A name that stands for Righteousness.
  • Eun: It means Silver.
  • Gaeul: It means Autumn.
  • Gi: Someone brave.
  • Goo: A term that means to complete someone
  • Gureum: This term means Cloud.
  • Hae: It means Ocean.
  • Hae-Won: It means a beautiful garden
  • Haru: It means Day.
  • Hayan: It means Pale or White.
  • Hea: It means Grace.
  • Hei-Ran: A name that means a graceful Child.
  • Ho-Sook: It means Clear Lake.
  • Hye: This means Wisdom and intelligence.
  • In-Na: This means Delicate.
  • Joo: This Word stands for Jewel.
  • Kuri: It stands for Copper.
  • Kwan: It means Strong.
  • Mee: A short name meaning beautiful.
  • Mi Kyong: It means beauty and brightness.
  • Mi Sun: A combination of beauty and goodness.
  • Mi-Cha: A word that stands for a beautiful girl.
  • Mi-Hi: It means beautiful and joyful.
  • Min: A name that means smart and quick-minded.
  • Min-Jee: This name stands for brightness and wisdom.
  • Mishil: A term that means a heavenly kingdom.
  • MiYoung: An everlasting beauty.
  • am-Sun: Honest and Pure.
  • Nun-i: A name that means snow.
  • So-Hui: It means Splendid.
  • Soo: It means Kind,  noble, and charitable.
  • Ye-Jin: It means valuable.
  • Yun: A short name that means lotus flower.
  • Yu-Na: It means ‘to endure.
  • Baek: It means brother in the Korean language.
  • Beom: A pattern or a model that any one of us can follow.
  • Bong: It is a name derived from a mythical bird.
  • Bon-Hwa: It connotes someone as glorious.
  • Busan: A large city in South Korea.
  • Cho: This name means Handsome.
  • Chul: This word stands for something or someone who/that is neither hard nor soft.
  • Chung-Ae: This word means noble and love.
  • Dae: This word means greatness.
  • Daeshim: IQ word that means the highest mind.
  • Dak-Ho: A term that means a deep lake.
  • arangee: A rural area in Korea known for its eye-catching rice terraces.
  • Dong: This word means East in the Korean language.
  • Du-Hu: This name means goodness.
  • Geon: This means strength.
  • Gi: These two letters mean Brave.
  • Gojo: The first-ever kingdom of Korea.
  • Gook: This word means nation.
  • Hak-Kun: The word is used for someone who is like a scholar.
  • Haneul: A term that means heavenly.
  • Hoon: It is a Korean word for teaching.
  • Horang-i: This word means tiger.
  • Ho-Seok: This term has two meanings—heaven and active.
  • Hudu: A Korean name for Walnut.
  • Hwan: This word means bright and shining.
  • Hwan: This word stands for bright.
  • Hyeon: This word means virtuous.
  • Hyuk: This word defines something as radiant.
  • Hyun Ki: This name means talented, expert, wise, and intelligent.
  • Hyun Shik: This Korean name is for someone smart, brilliant, and intelligent.
  • Hyun: Intelligent and bright.
  • Incheon: The name of a significant South Korean international airport and also means a river.
  • In-Su: This word stands for preserving wisdom.
  • Iseul: This means Dew in the Korean language.
  • Jae-Hee: Another name for the land of the morning calm.
  • Jashik: It means a child in the Korean language.
  • Jeju: This short name is an exotic island in Korea.
  • Jong-Seok: This word is for someone as great and eminent.
  • Joon: This word defines someone who has got immense talent.
  • Jum: This word means King or ruler in the Korean language.
  • Jung: This word means righteous.
  • Kyu: This term means standard.
  • Min-Ho: A brief name that means heroic and brave.
  • Sagwa: This term means Apple.
  • Seo-Jin: It means Omen in the Korean language.
  • Seok: A word that means rock.
  • Seoul: A name inspired by the capital of South Korea.
  • Seulgi: This term means wisdom.
  • Seung: This word stands for winning.
  • Suk: A sweet-sounding name that means rock.
  • Sung: This term means successor.
  • Su-Won: A term that means to protect or to defend.
  • Suwon: A Korean metropolis.
  • Tae-Hui: This term means great or big.
  • Ulsan: The name of one of the largest Korean cities.
  • Upo: A name of an exotic destination near Nakdong River.
  • U-Yeong: This name signifies glory and honor.
  • Woong: This Korean term means magnificence.
  • Yeo: A name that stands for mildness.
  • Yong: It means brave.
  • Yu-Jin: It means precious.
  • Dooman: it means dumpling in the Korean language.
  • Podo: This name means grapes.
  • Sunja: This term means meek and mild.
  • Mongshil: This word Means fluffy.
  • Dubu: This term means Tofu.
  • Miso: It means a smile.

Korean Dog Names inspired by K-pop and K-drama

celebrity-inspired korean dog names

Korea has a lot more to offer than K-Pop and K-drama. There are some unique dog breeds behind the glitz and glamour of the global entertainment industry.

Korean Jindo is the first breed that comes to mind when we think of Korean dog breeds. However, there more fabulous dog breeds in the Land of Morning Calm. In which many we have never heard of.

Korean Mastiff

This breed, also known as the Korean Dosa or Mee Kyun Dosa, is easily the giant dog breed in Korea. It is capable of reaching up to 185 pounds, and it can seem extremely frightening and intimidating.


This dog is a native Korean breed is famous for its long and shaggy coat, which resembles a small lion cub. They are often referred to as “lion dogs” for their looks.


The dog is also known as the Korean Yellow Spitz, is a breed native to Korea. A medium-sized spitz breed, it might seem similar to the Jindo dog. However, they do have differences in characteristics and physical appearances.


The Korean Jindo is the most popular breed from Korea. They are considered to be the national dog breed in Korea.


The dog is a rare Korean breed most notable for its bob-tail feature. These dogs are named after the coastal city they are originated from – Gyeongju.


The Pungsan dog is the only dog breed that has originated from North Korea. They were the skilled hunting dogs bred in the Kaema Plateau of North Korea, where the elevation almost reached 2,000 meters high.


These dogs got their name from the island of the southern coast of Korea, where they are originally bred. They are considered as one of the largest native Korean dogs.

Final Thoughts

Here ends the list of Korean dog names that are incredibly popular and meaningful.

Choosing a name for your dog is the first step in meaningful communication between you and them. It’s important to give your furry friend a name they readily accept. Every time you call him, he should be able to respond quickly.

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